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Flamin’ Friday: Meet Rahab Carmichael

By now you probably already know a bit about Rahab Carmichael. You know that she has the same name as a harlot in the Bible, she has stubby blond braids, and she is an extreme introvert. What you may not know was that her parents were originally going to name her Matthew, she wears braids […]

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Creative Outlets

I didn’t think it was possible for me to get burned out on editing. But then I think I did this week. I’m not complaining about the work load by any means. I still love my job both at Tate and as the Chief Editor for the Consortium. And I will be getting all my […]

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Book Review: Murder in Manolos

Check out my book review of Murder in Manolos on the Consortium’s website. Murder in Manolos is written by Linsey Mastin and published by Tate Publishing, where I work. I didn’t work on Linsey’s book but I know a lot of great people who helped her polish her novel to what it is today. So […]

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Shiver: Book Review

I’ve posted a book review of Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater on the Consortium’s website. Click here to check it out. Shiver is part of my project to investigate what is going on in the world of Young Adult Fantasy.

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Book Review: How I Live Now

I devoured How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff in about four hours. I’m left feeling terribly bewildered yet at the same time very happy. Here’s the set up: In an alternate reality from our own, Daisy is sent to England (from New York) to live with her aunt and four cousins. Then her aunt […]

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Book Reviews: Bite Me and Persona Non Grata

You may have noticed by now that May was a pretty busy time for me. The entire month felt pretty much like finals week in college, and I haven’t felt that way in, well, two years. It was not a happy feeling, and it reminded me how glad I am to be grownup now and […]

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Book Review: Dracula

I finished Dracula this week. Finally. I have wasted month of reading merely to tell you: I hated it. No, it wasn’t becuase it was very slow and written in epistolary format. It wasn’t becuase the characters were lame and took over four hundred pages to capture Dracula. It wasn’t because the ending felt very anticlimactic or because I […]

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Win an autographed book!

In celebration of the publication of her first book, Colors of Deception, Courtney Cantrell is giving some copies away! Over the next two weeks, she’ll be collecting entries for a contest. Her two favorites will each win a free, signed paperback. In Colors of Deception, cute college sophomore Holly Idaho discovers that a demon in […]

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Colors of Deception Available Now!

I actually feel a little guilty with my announcement from yesterday in light of recent Consortium Books events.  That’s because it’s not my time to shine yet–it’s Courtney’s! But I wrote yesterday’s post a few days early, and then I found out on Wednesday that Courtney Cantrell‘s novel Colors of Deception was released on Kindle and other e-readers this […]

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Review: Terra Incognita

It was hard for me to slough off the behemoth carcass of Fall of Giants after devouring it last month, which is why it has taken so long for me to digest a new book.  Finally, after getting over a week behind in my reading schedule, I knew there was only one author who could […]

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