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Flamin’ Friday: Meet Hawkins

Kenneth James Hawkins was born in Leeds, England. When he was five years old, he stood up on a stool and proclaimed loudly, “Goodbye, cruel world, I now commit adultery!” He then proceeded to stab hismelf in the chest with a prop knife and tumble from the stool, supposedly dead. Since his family didn’t appreciate […]

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Flamin’ Friday: Meet Scout

Ah, Scout. You were the first character I created for this world. Jean Elizabeth “Scout” Wren gets her name directly from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. She has one older brother, Jeremy “Jem” Scott, and a younger sister, Louise “Dill.” She is very unlike me. She loves extreme sports, getting into dangerous situations, talks […]

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Flamin’ Friday: Meet Rahab Carmichael

By now you probably already know a bit about Rahab Carmichael. You know that she has the same name as a harlot in the Bible, she has stubby blond braids, and she is an extreme introvert. What you may not know was that her parents were originally going to name her Matthew, she wears braids […]

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Flamin’ Friday: Who’s Your Favorite Character?

As you may know, my favorite part of a story is strong character development.  What a strange coincidence, then, that my beta readers often comment on how well developed and diverse my characters are. Last month we talked a little bit about how to develop deep characters, and a lot about my delight in the […]

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Welcome to Flaming Friday!

Welcome to the first edition of Flaming Friday, folks! Draft number: 4 (ish) Word count of draft 3: 63,575 Word count of draft 4: 24,220 What’s Going On, Jessie? What I’m doing right now: Starting the next draft of my book. That’s right, kiddos, going right back to the beginning and starting all over. Well, […]

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