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Flamin’ Friday: Who’s Your Favorite Character?

As you may know, my favorite part of a story is strong character development.  What a strange coincidence, then, that my beta readers often comment on how well developed and diverse my characters are. Last month we talked a little bit about how to develop deep characters, and a lot about my delight in the […]

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Character Development

Ever since I presented my first draft of Into the Flames to my creative writing class in college, I’ve received multiple comments on how developed my characters are. And the funny thing was, everybody seemed surprised by this fact! I suppose this is because they thought that I had just made up these characters for the purpose of the class. […]

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Stein: How to Write Flashbacks

If your character is as deep as he should be, that means he’s going to have a backstory.  A character’s history is  integral to what he (or she!) will do throughout the course of your plot.  Sometimes it’s handy for your readers to know firsthand what happened in your character’s past so that they can […]

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