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Making Room: Available Now!

My newest novel is available now for purchase! Scroll down to read the back cover content. Find it in paperback on Amazon by clicking here! It’s also available for all e-readers! Kindle from Amazon Nook through Barnes and Noble Apple Books Kobo Tolino Vivlio Tobey McLeod: Army Vet. Motorcycle Mechanic. Single Dad. Not too proud […]

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New Release: To See Clearly

It’s here! The third book of the Grover Cleveland Academy series is finally here! Thank you so much to everyone who has hung in with me this long. It took so many years (yes, years, I’m sorry!) because I wanted this to be the best it could be. Bracken’s a really difficult character to write, […]

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A Work from Home Mom, 2014

Below is a blog post I started over two years ago. I never finished it because…well, because I was busy taking care of my toddlers. I saved it as a draft and was never able to come back to it. But today seemed a good time to brush it off and post it because it notes an […]

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Starcrossed, Available Now!

  Gentle readers, you need to do me a favor and check out my new short story. It’s available for Kindle here for only 99 cents. In my humble opinion, it is pretty great. I really enjoyed writing it, and I think you will enjoy reading it. It’s only 27,000 words, so you can probably read […]

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20 Things I’ve Learned in My 20’s (so far)

I might be on the tail end of this fad, but here I am. Here’s a list of twenty things I’ve learned in my twenties. And since I’m only twenty-six, I probably have a lot left to learn. I’ll let you know when I do. Apparently, once you graduate, nobody really cares what your GPA […]

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Parenting: The NeverEnding Story

I try not to post about my kids on here because this is a writing/editing blog and there’s a lot of parenting blogs that talk about the same type of things I deal with every day. And they say it in a lot more witty and humorous ways than I possibly could. Today, however, I […]

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How Draft2Digital Can Help You

I told you yesterday about how my husband has spent pretty much all of his free time for months working on Draft2Digital’s website. You might be surprised, then, to find out that until the website went live, I was not very familiar with it. I recognized the logo, of course, and Sean had shown off […]

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Draft2Digital Beta Release!

I’m rather ashamed to admit that I haven’t talked about Draft2Digital on this site before, at least not more than a passing glance. But today is time to rectify that error. Yesterday Draft2Digital launched the beta version of its website, and I want to talk to you a little bit about it. What is Draft2Digital? […]

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A Consortium of Worlds

As sort of a side note in addition to my last post, I thought I’d tell you that A Consortium of Worlds Vol. 3 is now avaliable for download here. This e-mag is the third collection of speculative fiction short stories that the Consortium has published. In it you will journey to new worlds, and […]

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Something for Everybody: A Literary Study

So this post isn’t going to be very deep, but then since when are my posts deep? Anyway, here goes. Pretty much ever since I got into my majors classes at OC I’ve been fraught with guilt. Mostly guilt that I did not enjoy any of the authors that we were reading in class. When […]

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