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What I learned about writing (and reading and media in general) from Edgar Rice Burroughs

I guess there’s a reason some stories keep being told. I just finished watching John Carter, based on a 1912 pulp novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and now for some reason I want to write a planet romance too. What’s wrong with me? The movie wasn’t very original. The effects were good, but the story […]

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Book Review: Foreign Identity

I have to confess something. I’m not sure what exactly I just read, but I really enjoyed it. I guess if I had to classify it as anything, I would call Foreign Identity by Becca J. Campbell a sci-fi mystery thriller romance. It begins with two strangers waking up chained to a wall with no […]

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Mixing It Up

Maybe you know this and maybe you don’t, but recently I’ve become a stay-at-home mom for two small children. Except that I also am working for the Consortium (at home) and trying to write my next novel (at home). Naptimes and early bedtimes have allowed me to snag the time I need for my editing […]

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Flamin’ Friday: photo shoot!

I don’t really have anything to say today except that I am so grateful to Nick Conley, Becca Campbell, and the Lockhart family for indulging my fantasy and taking photos for the cover of Into the Flames! Nick was my very talented photographer, Becca provided the cover and pose ideas, and Rachael Lockhart was my […]

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Book Review: TEEN Agents in the Plundered Parent Protocol

Today’s book review is about a fellow Consortium artist and another book that I have had the honor of editing. The Plundered Parent Protocol is the first book involving the TEEN agents. That’s Teenage Extra normal Emergency Network, the agency that takes over the cases that the adults aren’t man enough to handle. Josh Unruh’s first novel is […]

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Telling Stories: Brave Hobbits and Dreaded Campsites.

Stories are an important part of every culture. They tell us where we come from. They try to explain the mystery of the nature of man. Stories are passed down to us for generations, slowly morphing until sometimes they barely resemble their original form. They penetrate through to other mediums and are used as references in idioms, […]

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Flamin’ Friday: updates and excerpts

I’ve been editing a lot of stuff for the Consortium lately, so sadly I don’t have this amazing blog post to make up for not having one at all last week. But while I’m here, I’ll say, the sequel to Taming Fire is coming out next week. You’re read Taming Fire by now, right? You […]

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Book Review: The Alloy of Law

Some of you may have gathered that I’m kinda into Steampunk right now. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find many Steampunk novels that I can really enjoy. I’m not positive what it is, but the whole corsets and goggles thing doesn’t really tranlate well onto paper in my book. So other than Scott Westerfeld, […]

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Flamin’ Friday: Meet Hawkins

Kenneth James Hawkins was born in Leeds, England. When he was five years old, he stood up on a stool and proclaimed loudly, “Goodbye, cruel world, I now commit adultery!” He then proceeded to stab hismelf in the chest with a prop knife and tumble from the stool, supposedly dead. Since his family didn’t appreciate […]

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Flamin’ Friday: Meet Scout

Ah, Scout. You were the first character I created for this world. Jean Elizabeth “Scout” Wren gets her name directly from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. She has one older brother, Jeremy “Jem” Scott, and a younger sister, Louise “Dill.” She is very unlike me. She loves extreme sports, getting into dangerous situations, talks […]

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