Cover Reveal: To See Clearly

Look for the third book in the Grover Cleveland Academy series at the end of April. It will be available on Amazon and for the Nook on Barnes and Noble’s website. For now, here’s the cover!


A year after throwing in his lot with Rahab Carmichael and her quirky super-powered friends, Bracken Carnegie is a Grover Cleveland Academy graduate. He has a decent job, an apartment stocked with a case of Ramen noodles, and a girlfriend that accepts his failures. Despite the ability to See the future, Bracken’s present is better than he could have foreseen.


But Bracken is still haunted by the consequences of his past life. Almost four years ago, while attending Cornwall Preparatory, Bracken was plagued by a recurring Vision—a Vision of blood. Bracken tried to fix that future, but he only succeeded in making it worse.


So now, when another foreboding Vision keeps returning, Bracken is paralyzed by fear and doubt. While Rahab, Scout, and Hawkins continue their amateur superhero adventures around Boston, Bracken can only think about the many people he’s hurt. He can’t afford to lose anyone else he cares about, even if it means ignoring his powers and forsaking his team.

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