Making Room: Available Now!

My newest novel is available now for purchase! Scroll down to read the back cover content.

Find it in paperback on Amazon by clicking here!

It’s also available for all e-readers!

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Tobey McLeod: Army Vet. Motorcycle Mechanic. Single Dad. Not too proud to ask for directions when he’s lost on the dirt roads of nowhere, Ohio.

Emmett Tran: Computer Engineer. Musician. Widower. Too busy trying to keep his life afloat to realize how truly lost he is in this small town he’s never left.

Tobey and Emmett: They have their own lives, their own problems, their own kids; they certainly don’t need to take on each other’s. So why is Tobey having such a hard time finding a reason to leave? And why is Emmett not telling him to go?

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