Making Room

My first romance novel, Making Room, is available for paperback on Amazon and also anywhere ebooks are sold!

Grover Cleveland Academy Series

Grover Cleveland Academy is a Young Adult Urban Fantasy series that chronicles the adventures of Rahab Carmichael and her friends Scout, Hawkins, and Bracken.

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Rahab Carmichael is just like any other teenage girl starting out at a new boarding school. She’s all alone, a little lost, and she’s never been good at fitting in. Also, just like any normal girl, she has secrets, hopes, and fears she can’t share with anyone. Rahab is normal…the secrets and fears are anything but.

Despite her anxiety, Rahab finds friends in Scout and Hawkins. Even though her new friends are social outcasts, Rahab feels a deeper connection with them than she’s ever felt before. But to know how deep, she’d have to risk revealing her own secrets. The idea of being that close to people fascinates her even as it terrifies her.

Another development just as confusing surfaces for Rahab. Everywhere she turns, boys are either flirting with her or teasing her. And she doesn’t care for either option.

Worst of the bullies is John Madison, a jock who refuses to leave Rahab and her friends in peace. The bullying increases and the tension becomes unbearable, forcing Rahab to wrestle with whether or not she has the strength to stand up to John. The only way Rahab can protect her friends is to reveal her uncanny secrets and face her greatest fear. What will she find when she looks into the flames?

After the events of Into the Flames, the first book of the Grover Cleveland Academy series, Rahab Carmichael is strangely content. For the first time in her life, Rahab has friends like family and a school that feels like home.

But as the academy moves into a new semester, Rahab realizes that families and homes are never perfect. As the weather turns frigid, Rahab finds the promise of Bracken Carnegie’s affections cooling just as dramatically. He won’t talk to her, spend time with her, or even look at her. What will it take to thaw his heart? Does she even want to try anymore?

Confusing Rahab even more is the appearance of Scotty Smith. Cute, kind, and totally normal, Scotty is also clearly into her. He’s also right in the middle of a rash of weird thefts that have been occurring around Boston. Scout wants to investigate, but Rahab isn’t sure how it will affect her relationship with Scotty.

But the investigations quickly shove boy trouble on the back burner. A mysterious person called Aidan is behind the fires and robberies spreading across the city, and Rahab’s ragtag band of superpowered teens may be the only ones who can put an end to her sinister schemes.

Who is this new villain? What does she really want? How much destruction can she truly cause? It’s up to Rahab to dive into the icy waters and find out. But can she overcome the bone chilling shock in time to save her friends and her city?

A year after throwing in his lot with Rahab Carmichael and her quirky super-powered friends, Bracken Carnegie is a Grover Cleveland Academy graduate. And for a guy who always considered Seeing the future as a curse, Bracken’s present looks pretty sweet. He has a decent job, an apartment stocked with Ramen noodles, and a girlfriend that’s into him, failures and all.

But Bracken is still haunted by the consequences of his past life. Almost four years ago, while attending Cornwall Preparatory, Bracken was plagued by a recurring Vision—a Vision of blood. No matter how he tried to change fate, the future only grew darker. Was Bracken doomed merely to know of every horrible thing that would happen without leaving him any power to change it?

So now, when another foreboding Vision keeps returning, Bracken is too paralyzed by fear and doubt to act on it. While Rahab, Scout, and Hawkins continue their amateur superhero adventures around Boston, Bracken can only think about the many people he’s hurt. He can’t afford to lose anyone else he cares about, even if it means ignoring his powers and forsaking his team.

But will ignoring the people he loves the most really allow Bracken to save them? Can he stand idly by and watch the future unfold, or will he find the strength to fight fate one more time?

Tales from Pocatello

Each story in this series focuses on a different character and time period set in the land of Pocatello. Follow the journey of this fantastical planet and the hardships and victories of its inhabitants! Available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo readers, and all other digital formats.

(P1) The Soldier and Kerri (P2) A Telling

(P3) Starcrossed(P4) Fire and Lightning

  • The Soldier and Kerri, available for Kindle here and Nook here.

After three hundred years of tyranny, the brave natives of Nerja finally gathered the strength to fight against the magical country of Malaga. Now the war is over, but the years of violence still affect both lands and their inhabitants. Alejandro and Kerri are just two of the many refugees looking for a new home amid the devastation. The two of them must band together if they are to escape the ruined Malaga and make it safely to the newly freed country of Nerja. But even as they journey through Nerja, forces both external and internal are trying to drive Alejandro and Kerri apart. Will this soldier be able to win another fight, or will he and Kerri be separated for good?

  • A Telling,  available for Kindle here and Nook here.

Natalie doesn’t fit in anywhere. To the Nerjans, she is just another slave, the daughter of a long-dead rebel. And Les Tristes, her enslaved people, shun her due to her ability to hold magic. Rejected by both worlds, Natalie knows that it is time to take control of her own future.

Allowing herself to be sold to a wealthy family in Nerja feels to Natalie more like an adventure than a sentencing. If she can keep her magic hidden, serving the noblemen of Nerja will be much better than slogging through the swamps with Les Tristes.

But when a Wanderer discovers her secret and her new start is threatened, Natalie realizes how truly limited her aspirations have been. Can a slave girl overcome her destitute beginnings, reach her potential, and find a place to belong?

  • Starcrossed, available for Kindle here and Nook here.

Earth is exhausted, drained dry by the constant demands of humanity. In a desperate bid to save mankind, the best and brightest of the population join with a genetically engineered set of superhumans and fling themselves toward the stars in hopes of finding a new home.
But even in the midst of humanity’s Exodus to the void, individuals lead the way. Michael, the feckless and guilt-ridden stowaway; and Jamie, engineer, mechanic, and inventor of the ship’s interstellar drives, find themselves thrust together. Forced to rely only on each other for survival, they soon discover the universe is a lot weirder than they ever expected.

  • Fire and Lightning, available for Kindle here.

One year ago, an alien spaceship fell from the sky…

It crashed into the fields of Quadrant Four, Saxony, and there it has remained, refusing to give up its secrets to the rest of Pocatello. The Nerjan government is determined to use the spaceship’s technology to give them an advantage in the brewing war against Pemberley, and Sir Asher Lowry is their last hope in cracking its code.

Asher and Andrea Lowry look the same, but they are as different as night and day: Asher is a prestigious scientist, a pioneer in harnessing lightning’s power. Andrea is a fiery street urchin with a dangerous secret. Together, the twins are sent to Saxony to research the spaceship for Nerja. Asher and Andrea know they are pawns in a war they don’t believe in, but these outcasts think they have no other choice but to follow orders.

As soon as they arrive in Saxony, Asher and Andrea realize that it isn’t just fields to be harvested. It’s a country with a completely different way of life, with many innocent—and interesting—native people. And the spaceship it harbors is a technology capable of terrible destruction. For the first time, Asher and Andrea have something worth fighting for.

Can Ash and Andy hold on to the life they’ve found despite the looming war? And how can they keep their own powers from being used against everything that they believe in and care about?

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