A Consortium of Worlds

As sort of a side note in addition to my last post, I thought I’d tell you that A Consortium of Worlds Vol. 3 is now avaliable for download here. This e-mag is the third collection of speculative fiction short stories that the Consortium has published. In it you will journey to new worlds, and maybe it will alter your perception of this world.

The short story that I included in this volume is set in Pocatello in the year M. 382. That’s about seven hundred years before the start of City of Orphans, but things aren’t that much different.

There’s already a great deal of contention between the countries, and unlikely heroes have to make unconventional bonds to make it through dangerous times.

Here’s a short excerpt from “The Soldier and Kerri,” which can be found inA Consortium of Worlds Volume Three.

“Yes, but what is your name?”

He took a step back. “My name?”

“Do you have one?” Her eyes were stern, demanding.

“I did.” He set the boy on the ground. “Troy. What is your name?”

“Kerri is fine,” she said quickly. “And that is better than anything they called me.”

Troy nodded.

Dacey went to his mother. “I’m hungry,” he said.

“I know,” she told him. “We’ll find something to eat soon.” Then she turned back to Troy.

His arms were crossed, his left hand tucked out of sight. “Anything else you wish to know?”

She patted Dacey on the head. “How does your Flubberian accent sound so pure? I have tried to mimic it for many years and still fail.”

“Because it is true,” he replied. “I am from Flubber, but I fought for the side of Nob. Now that I am…free, I go to Nob to find a new place for myself there.”

“And you are fey?”


“What is your magic?”

“Earwig. It is how I was able to hear that–wag–insult you across the square.” Troy glared at her. “And you are a non, for the Flubberians would never have captured a Nobbian with magic. Now may we continue?”

“As you wish,” she said.

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3 Responses to A Consortium of Worlds

  1. Joshua Unruh says:

    I don’t mind telling you, your Co-EICs are very excited to see the second half of that story. Make it so already!

  2. What Josh said. ; ) Can’t wait to read the rest — as well as the novel!

  3. jessie says:

    Thanks for the support and anticipation, guys! I hope to have the second part written for Volume 4.

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