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The Soldier and Kerri now avaliable!

I’m proud and excited to announce that my first short story has been published and is ready for your e-reader! The Soldier and Kerri is a fantasy story set in the world of Pocatello. Only .99c to download directly to your Kindle, so why not give it a try? After three hundred years of oppression, […]

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A Consortium of Worlds

As sort of a side note in addition to my last post, I thought I’d tell you that A Consortium of Worlds Vol. 3 is now avaliable for download here. This e-mag is the third collection of speculative fiction short stories that the Consortium has published. In it you will journey to new worlds, and […]

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The Appeal of the Short Story

In honor of short stories, this post will be rather short. These past few weeks have been a continuing adventure in my journey to learn how to write short stories. Now that I’ve sunk my teeth into the genre (does it count as a genre?), I feel as though the doors have opened for me. […]

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Personality Tests and Short Stories

This week at work we each took the Myers-Briggs test and discussed how knowing our strengths and weaknesses can make us better editors and workers in general. ┬áThis reminded me of Becca Campbell’s blog post on figuring out your character’s personality types. I haven’t done that yet, but I have for many years had character […]

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>Thoughts on the Short Story

> Have you ever read “Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway? I read it when I was in college, and I didn’t really like it, but it is a story that has since stuck with me. A short story is typically defined as a “snap shot” in time. Just one small moment captured forever […]

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