Draft2Digital Beta Release!

I’m rather ashamed to admit that I haven’t talked about Draft2Digital on this site before, at least not more than a passing glance. But today is time to rectify that error. Yesterday Draft2Digital launched the beta version of its website, and I want to talk to you a little bit about it.

What is Draft2Digital?

Draft2Digital is an e-book publishing platform designed for self-published authors by self-published authors. It allows the user, generally an author, to upload his manuscript, enter the details regarding its publication, and then Draft2Digital site takes care of turning it into an e-book and managing its sales. It turns it into a format that can work on all e-readers: Kindle, nook, iPad, even Kobo. You can go online and track your sales, set the price of your book, add an author biography, etc.

Draft2Digital was created as a response to some of the difficulties other self-published authors have had with working with other sites like this. This site’s goal is to be easy to use, efficient, and to help the authors sell their products (i.e. their books).

Let’s Get to Know Each Other Better

I’ve known about Draft2Digital pretty much since its inception, so again, shame on me for not mentioning it sooner. Consortium Books has been using the D2D software for over a year, so while I’ve not been working directly with the stuff, what I’ve been editing has been used with this software to create some really great digital books. Even the e-version of my novel, Into the Flames, used the D2D digital software.

But while this great technology was being used by Consortium Books, there was no way to get it out to the general public so that you, gentle authors and readers, could benefit from it. That’s where my husband got involved. He’s spent countless hours of the past many months coding this website to bring you the ease and simplicity of self-publishing that is Draft2Digital.

Now all that hard work is showing in the lovely website that is Draft2Digital.com (designed by the equally-if-not-more-so lovely Elyssa Dolinger).

Please check out the Draft2Digital site and wonder over its amazingness. If you’re an author, try signing up and looking at all they offer for you and your manuscripts. Tomorrow I’ll be telling you all about my personal experience of working with the site.

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