Flamin’ Friday: Meet Rahab Carmichael

By now you probably already know a bit about Rahab Carmichael. You know that she has the same name as a harlot in the Bible, she has stubby blond braids, and she is an extreme introvert. What you may not know was that her parents were originally going to name her Matthew, she wears braids to keep her hair out of her face when she’s swimming, and she is used to getting ignored by most of her family members.

Main characters usually resemble their creators in some ways, and Rahab is no exception. I’ve mentioned before that Rahab and I are very similar. The major difference is that Rahab loves swimming, and I hate it.

Swimming is Rahab’s one way to relax after a stressful day. She is very good at it too-she’s been the captain of her school’s swim team for years.

Here’s some more facts on Rahab:

  • Rahab loves animals and had a pet iguana and a┬áSiamese┬ácat.
  • Her favorite book is Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
  • Her favorite beverage is vanilla Coke.
  • Her favorite place to hang out is the pond behind her house.
  • Rahab currently attends Grover Cleveland Boarding School in Boston, Massachusetts.

Well, I don’t mean literally currently. I mean at the time of my novel. Rahab was born December 11, 1989, which means right now she is almost twenty-two years old. I know for a fact that she still lives in Boston. But I can’t tell you anything more than that.

Our story opens with Rahab’s first day at GC. She is about to meet a lot of interesting people–people who force her out of her shell in more ways than one. We’ll talk more about these new people in the coming weeks.

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