Welcome to Flaming Friday!

Welcome to the first edition of Flaming Friday, folks!

Draft number: 4 (ish)

Word count of draft 3: 63,575

Word count of draft 4: 24,220

What’s Going On, Jessie?

What I’m doing right now: Starting the next draft of my book. That’s right, kiddos, going right back to the beginning and starting all over. Well, actually, not all over. I have most of it written. Here’s what happened: Aaron Pogue, my publisher and sometime editor, told me the flaws in my manuscript. As a fellow editor, what could I do but accept his criticsm? But really, it was good advice, and now I have taken it and am reworking my story. You’ll get more info on this later.

September 2011: This month I am focusing on making sure that every scene has a question that is asked and answered, and that each question leads back ultimately to my main plot question. So far I am a third of the way through the re-writing process.

October 2011: Hopefully my current draft will be done by this month and I can just go through it and polish everything up.

November 2011: Send my manuscript to Laura Morgan for copyediting! Laura is a good friend and fellow editor at Tate Publishing. She makes sure all those pesky grammar mistakes get caught. Also, she makes sure that I don’t misspell anything, which I am prone to, especially when I type really fast. While she does that, I will be diving headfirst into the sequel for Into the Flames for NaNoWriMo.

December 2011: Sometime during this month I am planning on doing the photo shoot for my cover art. This is because the friend who so graciously agreed to be my model will only be in Oklahoma during Christmas break. Julie and Carlos, my photographers, will have to work around their holiday schedule, but I’m certain everything will turn out great!

What Can I Do To Help?

So I know you’re dying to ask: What can I do while you’re waiting for all this stuff to happen and for March to get here? Well, let me tell you:

Friend me on goodreads! Add my book to your to-read list! My name is Jessie Sanders and my book is titled Into the Flames. In case you didn’t already catch that.

Tell all your friends about your friend who is getting her book published!

Read other Consortium books so you can marvel over our quality of writing, editing, and publishing! Here’s a link to all the books we’ve published this year!

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