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Book Review: Atonement

I picked up Atonement by Ian McEwan on the suggestion of a fellow editor, so I was prepared in every way to like this book. However, I was hugely disappointed. I understand why so many people think that it was a great book, but I myself cannot bring myself to praise it. This review contains […]

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Book Reviews: Bite Me and Persona Non Grata

You may have noticed by now that May was a pretty busy time for me. The entire month felt pretty much like finals week in college, and I haven’t felt that way in, well, two years. It was not a happy feeling, and it reminded me how glad I am to be grownup now and […]

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Review: Terra Incognita

It was hard for me to slough off the behemoth carcass of Fall of Giants after devouring it last month, which is why it has taken so long for me to digest a new book.  Finally, after getting over a week behind in my reading schedule, I knew there was only one author who could […]

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Last Week’s Reads

First off, have you bought a copy of Aaron Pogue’s Ghost Targets: Expectation yet?  I hope you have. Second, I went to Half Price Books with my family this weekend and so have extended my reading list for this year.  But that can only be good, right?  More books for me to learn from and […]

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