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Tate Publishing, Defunct, Deceased, Dead

If you know anything about Tate Publishing, a small “not vanity!” press located in Mustang, Oklahoma, you’ll probably know that its owners are tangled up in more than one scandal–firing twenty-five employees, being sued by Xerox, and now failing to pay their employees in the Philippines and having to declare bankruptcy, all the while making […]

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2011: A Year in Review

Dear readers and friends, I did not write a Flamin’ Friday post yesterday, nor did I write one last week. But it was Christmas after all, and last night I was (for once!) writing on my novel, Into the Flames. But I feel you all deserve some words of finality as this year comes to […]

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Another Year Observed

Well, dear readers, another year has come and gone. Today I celebrate four years of marriage to that boy right there. <—- Yes, the one in the tux and un-brushed hair. He’s a mess of contradictions like that. I want to thank Sean for being one of the best husbands a writer could hope to […]

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Book Review: Murder in Manolos

Check out my book review of Murder in Manolos on the Consortium’s website. Murder in Manolos is written by Linsey Mastin and published by Tate Publishing, where I work. I didn’t work on Linsey’s book but I know a lot of great people who helped her polish her novel to what it is today. So […]

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The Times, They Are A-Changin’

So, change is good right? When it comes to big changes, like moving to a different state or altering my worldview or rewriting an entire novel, I’m not too keen. I like regimen and consistency. I like knowing where I’ve been and where I’m going. I’m okay with little things, like geting a hair cut […]

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An Editor’s Life, or, Six Things I Did at Work Yesterday

Yesterday at work I felt very productive and realized that I got to do a little bit of just about everything that my job entails. I thought it might interest you, gentle readers, to see what it is like to be an editor. Now, this isn’t typical of most people of my position. Most editors […]

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