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Flamin’ Friday: Grover Cleveland Boarding School

For this week’s Flamin’ Friday, we’re going to look at the main setting for each of the books: Grover Cleveland Boarding School. During the rise of Harry Potter and the enchanting Hogwarts, imagine my joy at discovering that boarding schools were something that also occurred in the American Muggle world. That’s right, we have boarding schools right […]

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Flamin’ Friday: the series/welcome to NaNoWriMo!

So here I am, writing a blog post about NaNoWriMo instead of actually writing on my nano novel. Yes, readers, procrastination abounds when it comes to writing. I’m usually great at getting things done, but when it comes to the thing I enjoy the most, I put it off like…I don’t know…a stripper puts off […]

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Flamin’ Friday: Movin’ Right Along

I have to admit folks, that there were about three weeks there where I didn’t even look at Into the Flames. Or I would open the document and wait for it to load only to get distracted again. My life has been pretty hectic recently, but after things calmed down a little (just a little, […]

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Flamin’ Friday: Mark and Luke Carmichael

November is quickly approaching, and I’m nowhere near ready for it! I’m supposed to be finishing up my most recent draft of Into the Flames as we speak and getting ready to launch into it’s companion book for NaNoWriMo (that National Novel Writing Month, for those of you not in the know). This companion book […]

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Flamin’ Friday: Meet Scout

Ah, Scout. You were the first character I created for this world. Jean Elizabeth “Scout” Wren gets her name directly from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. She has one older brother, Jeremy “Jem” Scott, and a younger sister, Louise “Dill.” She is very unlike me. She loves extreme sports, getting into dangerous situations, talks […]

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Flamin’ Friday: Meet Bracken Carnegie

Bracken Carnegie is the “bad boy” at Grover Cleveland Boarding School. He transferred to the school just two weeks before Rahab. Rumor has it that he was kicked out of his previous school and was recently incarcerated for murder. I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations. Bracken has been a part of Into the Flames since […]

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Flamin’ Friday: Meet Rahab Carmichael

By now you probably already know a bit about Rahab Carmichael. You know that she has the same name as a harlot in the Bible, she has stubby blond braids, and she is an extreme introvert. What you may not know was that her parents were originally going to name her Matthew, she wears braids […]

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Flamin’ Friday: Who’s Your Favorite Character?

As you may know, my favorite part of a story is strong character development.  What a strange coincidence, then, that my beta readers often comment on how well developed and diverse my characters are. Last month we talked a little bit about how to develop deep characters, and a lot about my delight in the […]

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Welcome to Flaming Friday!

Welcome to the first edition of Flaming Friday, folks! Draft number: 4 (ish) Word count of draft 3: 63,575 Word count of draft 4: 24,220 What’s Going On, Jessie? What I’m doing right now: Starting the next draft of my book. That’s right, kiddos, going right back to the beginning and starting all over. Well, […]

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Character Development

Ever since I presented my first draft of Into the Flames to my creative writing class in college, I’ve received multiple comments on how developed my characters are. And the funny thing was, everybody seemed surprised by this fact! I suppose this is because they thought that I had just made up these characters for the purpose of the class. […]

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