Flamin’ Friday: Movin’ Right Along

I have to admit folks, that there were about three weeks there where I didn’t even look at Into the Flames. Or I would open the document and wait for it to load only to get distracted again. My life has been pretty hectic recently, but after things calmed down a little (just a little, not a lot) I realized that I couldn’t let anything derail me from my goal. And my goal at the moment is to become a published author.

just a few of the trees that have died for Rahab's cause.

So I sunk my teeth back in, put my nose to the grindstone, and girded my loins. Over the past week I have written/edited over ten thousand words on my most recent draft of Into the Flames. I am now up to the final ten thousand words, if not fewer! It’s hard to judge becuase I haven’t written out the whole ending part yet. But I’m guessing about ten thousand. In NaNoWriMo, if you’re that close to the finish line, you’re practially won already! Ten thousand is nothing!

So let’s just say that I’m pretty pumped and proud of myself for getting so much work done. And now I’m to my favorite part of the story.

I don’t have much to say today since I’m so busy editing and all (not to mention it’s deadline week at work and NaNoWriMo is only three days away…), so I’ll leave you with just a few lines. These are my most recent editings. Enjoy!

It was late on Friday night when Rahab got back from the airport. Getting out of the cab, she was struck by a chill in the air. She was surprised to realize that she had missed it. She snuggled deep inside her scarf as she dragged her luggage up the path from the front gate. The bench in front of Dean Schofield’s office was illuminated by moonlight, and she resisted the urge to pause and sit down. Where did Bracken go for Christmas break? Did he go home to his parents, or stay here? She didn’t even know what state he was originally from. New York? California? She would probably never know.

The halls were mostly empty as most of the students wouldn’t return until Sunday, but the kids who were there were wildly flinging their arms around and shouting as if they hadn’t seen each other in ages. Rahab pushed past Liz and her Cheeries friends just as one of them said, “Bracken’s got a game going on tonight. Are you going to go?”

“If he’s really going to show I am. Otherwise, why bother?” another girl responded.
Rahab shook her head at them and made her way as quickly as possible to the safety of her own room.
Amanda had not yet returned. The smell of her sweet pea hand lotion had almost dissipated during the holidays. She threw her suitcase on the bed and tried to unpack, but it was hard to concentrate. Scout and Hawkins had already been back for hours and were probably already hanging out in Hawins’s room, waiting for her to catch up on everything. Finally she gave up, throwing everything haphazardly into one of her drawers, and skipped up to the third floor.

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