Flamin’ Friday: the series/welcome to NaNoWriMo!

So here I am, writing a blog post about NaNoWriMo instead of actually writing on my nano novel. Yes, readers, procrastination abounds when it comes to writing. I’m usually great at getting things done, but when it comes to the thing I enjoy the most, I put it off like…I don’t know…a stripper puts off clothes, I guess. My metaphors are somewhat lacking today.

Anyway, just because we are now engaged in the most intense writing month of the year doesn’t mean that I am not going to put off Flamin’ Friday. So here I am, to talk to you about the series of Into the Flames as a whole.

The Confession:

This series doesn’t have a name. I refer to it in daily life as the Born to Fly books, Rahab books, or the GCBSC (Grover Cleveland Boarding School Chronicles). Born to Fly is of course the first book that I wrote in the series. Rahab is the character that I most identify with and the MC of Into the Flames. Grover Cleveland is the setting for three of the books. But none of these feel right. They just feel like filler names until something “real” comes along.

The Challenge:

So today’s challenge for YOU, dear readers, is to come up with some good suggestions as to what to call this collection of stories. Here’s an overview of everything you might need to know to make an educated suggestion:

  • There are currently plans for five books to be included in this series.
  • They are titled as follows: Born to Fly, Into the Flames, The Boy Who Wasn’t Superman, The Four Club Chairs, and Being Abbey Normal (name still under construction).
  • Other series names that have been proposed and rejected are Acceptance and The Uber Freaks.
  • Scout is a Marvel comics fan and likes to refer to themselves as the Avengers. And everybody else thinks she’s stupid.
  • As mentioned when I talked about Scout a few weeks ago, Born to Fly is her book. It is about how she discovered her powers and then met Hawkins and Grover Cleveland. And then had an adventure and saved some lives.
  • Into the Flames is Rahab’s story. She goes to Grover Cleveland and meets Scout, Hawkins, etc. You’ll of course find out more about that when it comes out in March, but for now just know that Scout, Hawkins, and Rahab are a group of friends who have the potential to be superheroes.
  • The Boy Who Wasn’t Superman was my NaNo novel from 2010 and backtracks in time to reveal Bracken’s history. What makes him such a jerk? You’ll find out here.
  • The Four Club Chairs is pretty much just a name right now. All I know about it is that it picks up directly where Into the Flames leaves off and is probably going to be from Rahab’s perspective again. It’s also going to delve into the relationship dynamics that are Rahab, Bracken, Scout, and Hawkins as a “team” of superheroes.
  • Abbott “Abbey” Ross is the hero of the last book, my NaNo novel for 2011. This book is set twenty years after Into the Flames but is still at Grover Cleveland. Abbey is the only character in this series (main character, I guess I should clarify) who doesn’t have powers. He just has a stinkin’ awesome photographic memory and a very cynical view of life.

So what do you say? Do you accept my challenge?

Welcome to NaNoWriMo, everybody!

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