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2011: A Year in Review

Dear readers and friends, I did not write a Flamin’ Friday post yesterday, nor did I write one last week. But it was Christmas after all, and last night I was (for once!) writing on my novel, Into the Flames. But I feel you all deserve some words of finality as this year comes to […]

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Flamin’ Friday: updates and excerpts

I’ve been editing a lot of stuff for the Consortium lately, so sadly I don’t have this amazing blog post to make up for not having one at all last week. But while I’m here, I’ll say, the sequel to Taming Fire is coming out next week. You’re read Taming Fire by now, right? You […]

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Flamin’ Friday: Grover Cleveland Boarding School

For this week’s Flamin’ Friday, we’re going to look at the main setting for each of the books: Grover Cleveland Boarding School. During the rise of Harry Potter and the enchanting Hogwarts, imagine my joy at discovering that boarding schools were something that also occurred in the American Muggle world. That’s right, we have boarding schools right […]

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Haikus are easy/But sometimes they don’t make sense/Refridgerator

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about different writing styles and techniques on here, which is probably becuase nobody seemed that interested in it. So for the past few months I’ve focused on my book reviews and on the progress of Into the Flames. Which is good, becuase I need to be focused on […]

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Flamin’ Friday: Meet Hawkins

Kenneth James Hawkins was born in Leeds, England. When he was five years old, he stood up on a stool and proclaimed loudly, “Goodbye, cruel world, I now commit adultery!” He then proceeded to stab hismelf in the chest with a prop knife and tumble from the stool, supposedly dead. Since his family didn’t appreciate […]

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Flamin’ Friday: Meet Scout

Ah, Scout. You were the first character I created for this world. Jean Elizabeth “Scout” Wren gets her name directly from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. She has one older brother, Jeremy “Jem” Scott, and a younger sister, Louise “Dill.” She is very unlike me. She loves extreme sports, getting into dangerous situations, talks […]

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Introducing–Flaming Friday!

Yeah, I know, it sounds retarded. Josh, bring on the gay fireman jokes. But I’m just so excited about Into the Flames and its ever-approaching publication date. Which is March 2012, by the way. So, in honor of my YA urban fantasy novel and in order to get you equally excited, we are going to […]

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Into the Flames: Origins

I think Rahab might have looked something like this at age eight or nine: Into the Flames has come a long way from the very small idea that began in my brain as a teenager. In all actuality, Into the Flames was supposed to be a sequel to another book I had written, Born to […]

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

My friends, I think it is time I officially said something. That something is that my novel, Into the Flames, is scheduled to be published. Consortium Books has graciously allowed me to line up in the queue, and my release date is set for mid-March 2012. Now I have much work to do before then, […]

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Stein: How to Write Flashbacks

If your character is as deep as he should be, that means he’s going to have a backstory.  A character’s history is  integral to what he (or she!) will do throughout the course of your plot.  Sometimes it’s handy for your readers to know firsthand what happened in your character’s past so that they can […]

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