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Zorya What?

Apparently I should write novellas more often. It only took me a month to write one, as opposed to the two plus years it takes me to not finish a novel. Do you remember spaceship story I told Aaron I wanted to write in my last post? Yeah, well, I wrote it. It’s of course […]

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Spaceships and Vampires

It’s been a slightly crazy week in terms of where my mind has been. After a weekend of finishing the novel The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers and watching some random television, I started Monday with every intention of delving back into City of Orphans and generating some serious word count. I go to the […]

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A Consortium of Worlds

As sort of a side note in addition to my last post, I thought I’d tell you that A Consortium of Worlds Vol. 3 is now avaliable for download here. This e-mag is the third collection of speculative fiction short stories that the Consortium has published. In it you will journey to new worlds, and […]

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A Curse upon You, Jing Dong Ma!

It has been almost twelve hundred years since Jing Dong Ma brought the magic down from the mountains. It is considered a great blessing to be able to hold this magic, to practice wielding its power. But Natalie Lowry sees it only as a curse. While the magic threatens to tear the nations of Pocatello apart, Natalie […]

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A Writerly Update

I suppose you are all wondering what I have been doing with myself lately. I’ve spoken about writing and my inspiritaion lately, but not really what I’ve been working on. Well, sorry to dissapoint most of you folks, but it’s not the next Grover Cleveland Academy novel. Don’t worry, Rahab’s adventures will continue, but I’m […]

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Mixing It Up

Maybe you know this and maybe you don’t, but recently I’ve become a stay-at-home mom for two small children. Except that I also am working for the Consortium (at home) and trying to write my next novel (at home). Naptimes and early bedtimes have allowed me to snag the time I need for my editing […]

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Into the Flames: the aftermath

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that I have a novel published. It is an interesting feeling, having other people read something I’ve worked so hard on for so long. Fortunately though, everyone seems to like it. If you for some crazy reason haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, you can buy it […]

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May: a month of promise

I’m back! I apologize for being silent for a month, but things have been quite hectic around here. But then, aren’t they always? But May is going to be better, I promise! The main reason for this is because my last day at Tate Publishing is Monday, and after that I will have more time to dedicate […]

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Flamin’ Friday: Being Published

So this is my second week as a published author. Sadly, I haven’t had time to really revel in this fact. This week Sean and I took on another child, so getting sleep and wiping runny noses have been my priorities. Nevertheless, Into the Flames is out there, and people have been taking notice! If […]

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Into the Flames Out on Kindle!

We always knew this day was coming, and yet sometimes it felt like it would never arrive. But here it is! Into the Flames is officially released and ready for you to read it! Get your fresh new copy right here. It’s just $2.99 for hours of reading pleasure! Just to warn you, this is […]

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