Into the Flames Out on Kindle!

We always knew this day was coming, and yet sometimes it felt like it would never arrive. But here it is!

Into the Flames is officially released and ready for you to read it!

Get your fresh new copy right here. It’s just $2.99 for hours of reading pleasure!

Just to warn you, this is the Kindle version. If you don’t have an e-reader you can download the version for your Kindle Reading App on your computer or iPad, or you can wait two to four weeks for the paperbacks to be ready (or do both!).

It’s kind of hard to believe that I’m now published. When I was little I told everyone I wanted to be an author when I grew up, and I really and truly believed that I would be. Now that it’s finally here, though, it feels unreal. It’s like saying you want to be an astronaut and then one day finding yourself in outerspace. Okay, maybe not completely like that, but at least a little bit.

When I was six, my favorite authors were Laura Ingalls Wilder and whoever it was that wrote the American Girls books (I even wrote my own American Girl book when I was eight). Now I have joined the ranks of people with complete novels that anyone can pick up and read. It’s even got my name on the cover! You can’t say that much about an American Girl book.

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One Response to Into the Flames Out on Kindle!

  1. I am so excited for you! What a rush that must be! I’ve got my copy and am looking forward to cuddling up with it tonight and losing myself a bit in your story. Thanks for making that possible.

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