Zorya What?

Actor David Blue as I imagine Michael in Spaceship Novella!

Apparently I should write novellas more often. It only took me a month to write one, as opposed to the two plus years it takes me to not finish a novel.

Do you remember spaceship story I told Aaron I wanted to write in my last post? Yeah, well, I wrote it. It’s of course only a rough draft, but preliminary reviews are favorable, and I’m pretty proud of it.

I would call it Zorya Vechernyaya except I’m pretty sure nobody wants to read something they can’t pronounce. So instead we’ll just call it Spaceship Novella!

(In case you were wondering, Zorya Vechernyaya is the name of the spaceship. It means “evening star” in Russian.)

You can read the first chapter of Spaceship Novella! in Consortium of Worlds Volume I. It’s called “The Prop Room” and introduces our hero and heroine, Michael and Jamie.

What else have I been doing? A bit of everything, really. I edited Josh Unruh’s Downfall: Saga of the Myth Reaver. Which I highly recommend. I worked on some plot stuff for Grover Cleveland Academy Book Two and wrote the first page (and will probably delete it later). I started the pre-writing package for my vampire novel and titled it Lost Causes. And I spent way too much time on Pinterest and Google Images picking out actors to play characters in all of my novels.

I’m also working on another short story related to Spaceship Novella! and am hoping to get back into City of Orphans really soon. All in all, it’s been a very productive month for me.

Next week I’m starting an editing book club. We’ll be reading Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, and hopefully I’ll be able to share some tidbits of information with you as we go through it.

Until then, dear readers!

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