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A Curse upon You, Jing Dong Ma!

It has been almost twelve hundred years since Jing Dong Ma brought the magic down from the mountains. It is considered a great blessing to be able to hold this magic, to practice wielding its power. But Natalie Lowry sees it only as a curse. While the magic threatens to tear the nations of Pocatello apart, Natalie […]

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A Writerly Update

I suppose you are all wondering what I have been doing with myself lately. I’ve spoken about writing and my inspiritaion lately, but not really what I’ve been working on. Well, sorry to dissapoint most of you folks, but it’s not the next Grover Cleveland Academy novel. Don’t worry, Rahab’s adventures will continue, but I’m […]

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The Appeal of the Short Story

In honor of short stories, this post will be rather short. These past few weeks have been a continuing adventure in my journey to learn how to write short stories. Now that I’ve sunk my teeth into the genre (does it count as a genre?), I feel as though the doors have opened for me. […]

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>What is your superpower?

>As many of you know, I have a world where most of the inhabitants have superpowers. The point is that it is the people without superpowers who are different, and they have to find their way in a world where being normal isn’t considered normal. Did I also mention that this is a world of […]

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>Many magical musings

>“If you must know, I didn’t know he was the fiance when he plopped.” –AlexIn this movie, Emma is confused how Alex’s plot and characters can develop even while he’s in the middle of writing the story. Two pages before, the main character meets John Shaw. Then he conveniently finds out that Shaw is planning […]

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>come to the poll!

>I think one of my originals purposes in this blog was to do post bits of my stories on here, like I used to do on myspace. But I keep putting it off becuase I know that I can post a lot more story than I can write, and I don’t want to get to […]

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>Mr. Lukas, Nobbian Minister of Foreign Relations

>This is why Mr. Lukas is quickly becoming my favorite character in my novel: As the Princess Adana stood over him, he trembled and kept his eyes on the carpet. He could only hope for mercy or a swift death. He didn’t see any point in begging either way.“You be Nobbian,” she said finally, and […]

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>And the topic for November is…

>So I spontaneously decided to jump on the band wagon and participate in NaNoWriMo this year. (Click here if you don’t know what that is.) I’m very nervous about this because not only have I only finished about three stories in my life, all of them have been worthless and very short. I’ve never written […]

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>The closed door

>Lately I’ve been writing with the door closed (read King’s “On Writing” to know what that means). King says that’s a good thing, that authors should write for themselves first, and write for readers the second draft, but lately I’ve been feeling that if I keep writing for myself I won’t ever get up the […]

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