>Mr. Lukas, Nobbian Minister of Foreign Relations

>This is why Mr. Lukas is quickly becoming my favorite character in my novel:

As the Princess Adana stood over him, he trembled and kept his eyes on the carpet. He could only hope for mercy or a swift death. He didn’t see any point in begging either way.
“You be Nobbian,” she said finally, and it wasn’t a question. “That is why Papa hates you.”
“Yes, I would think so,” Lukas managed to say.
“Quid are you doing here?”
“No, I meant in Flubber.”
“Highness, leave him alone. Why are you questioning him so?” Dita asked, now wringing her cap in woe.
Lukas strained his ears to listen if the alarm of his escaped had been raised yet. He wanted to give up, lay himself down at this lady’s feet and wait for death to come. He didn’t want to run any more. Why was he? Oh yes, because Phillip was still alive. Little Prince Phillip, whom everybody believed was useless.
“Answer me,” Adana commanded.
Painfully Lukas lifted himself to his feet. He stared Adana in the eyes. “You be wasting my time with all your petty questions. I be going now.” And he pushed past her back into the hallway, his heart beating quickly.
He knew that in a few seconds she would regain her footing, and she would call out to the others that he had escaped. He knew that he would go down to the stables, saddle a horse, and gallop through the palace gates. He knew that they would come after him, but he would escape. He strode confidently down the hall, feeling as he did the day he strode into the throne room in Disco to receive his maroon ministerial epaulets. Phillip was alive, and Mr. Lukas was going to put him back on his throne. And if Mr. Lukas had set his mind to do something, it was certain to happen. They didn’t call him The Bulldog for nothing.

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chocolate-covered raisins….mmmmmm…..good choice, Mar.

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