>The closed door

>Lately I’ve been writing with the door closed (read King’s “On Writing” to know what that means). King says that’s a good thing, that authors should write for themselves first, and write for readers the second draft, but lately I’ve been feeling that if I keep writing for myself I won’t ever get up the motivation to even get to the second draft. If I keep writing things I want to write about then it’ll end up sounding like Twilight–a perfect indulgence of my favorite fantasies, but not a very good, hard core, realistic story that deserves to be published.

Once Upon a Time, In a Galaxy Far, Far, Away… (an idea that needs a response)

Magic was discovered by some lame explorer who stumbled across the Dragon’s cave. The Dragon, whose name is yet to be revealed, is sort of like the god here, protects the power of magic and many other powers that he believes that humans aren’t ready to handle just yet. This lame explorer from Flubber had heard rumors of the dragon and had gone out to see if they were true. When he found the dragon, he became greedy and wanted the magic for his people. The dragon told him that it was unsafe and warned him of the years of strive and hardship that such power would bring them, but the dude wouldn’t listen so the dragon, always an advocate of free will, let him take the magic back to the humans. That was how it came into Pocatello. The dragon found a different cave, farther away so they couldn’t find him and steal the rest of his stuff, but close enough so that he could keep an eye on them whenever they needed his help. But they never called on him because they thought that now that they had magic they could do it by themselves.

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