>What is your superpower?

>As many of you know, I have a world where most of the inhabitants have superpowers. The point is that it is the people without superpowers who are different, and they have to find their way in a world where being normal isn’t considered normal. Did I also mention that this is a world of unicorns, gryphons, and dragons? Anyway, I decided to come up with a comprehensive list of all the different powers that people in this world could possess, and realized that I only have thirteen different ones. Even if I come up with twice that, this world isn’t going to be very diverse. So I beg your aid to come up with more. What are some common powers super heros have, some uncommon ones, and what power do you really wish you had if you lived in a comic book world? Tell me all your ideas!

So far I have:
Super Hearing
Create objects (I guess it’d be kind of like alchemy)
Super Voice
Can locate anything
Super Jumping
Wall-Crawling (like Spider-Man)
Healing (they don’t have great medicine)
Speak/understand any language
Fire manipulators
Lie Detectors

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3 Responses to >What is your superpower?

  1. Bailey says:

    >So i found this the other day when I was browsing the Internet and I spent probably an hour just clicking random page.


  2. Jes. says:

    >Thanks Bailey! I've been meaning to tell you recently how much encouragement/help you have been in my writing life. Last week I was re-reading my peer reveiws from our Creative Writing class, and your thoughts were the ones that I most enjoyed and ended up putting into my finished manuscript. Thanks so much for being a great writing buddy!

  3. Anonymous says:

    >I have a dream about four times a year, and I wish it were true. I dream that I can fly, not like superman does, but by using aerodynamics. I will run fast, usually on a downward slope, lean forward and kick off until I'm skimming over the ground. Keeping my arms back and head up seems to help. It's as if the air is really dense and can support my mass. Ultimately, I fail more than I succeed, and I awake tired and very disappointed. Dad xoxo

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