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Another Year Observed

Well, dear readers, another year has come and gone. Today I celebrate four years of marriage to that boy right there. <—- Yes, the one in the tux and un-brushed hair. He’s a mess of contradictions like that. I want to thank Sean for being one of the best husbands a writer could hope to […]

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The Times, They Are A-Changin’

So, change is good right? When it comes to big changes, like moving to a different state or altering my worldview or rewriting an entire novel, I’m not too keen. I like regimen and consistency. I like knowing where I’ve been and where I’m going. I’m okay with little things, like geting a hair cut […]

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Stormtroopers can be fantastical, too.

The Stormtrooper Mentality You probably already know that according to the Myers-Briggs personality test, I’m an ISTJ. Part of my personality is to find comfort in rigid structure, so I find comfort in labeling myself, and I have mentioned my personality traits many times on this site. The part of my personality I’d like to […]

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I like music a lot.

It’s been a long week, fellow readers. And for once, it’s not because I’ve been drowning myself in editing and writing. Sunday through Wednesday I was in Lawton with Mara, three of my nieces, and my nephew. We had a good time going to the spray park and eating homemade pizza and going up to the Omniplex (I […]

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My Weakness Is Found in…My Strength?

This might be a “duh” to you, but I just had a big realization today. I love rules. I thrive on them. I’m not classified as an ISTJ for nothing. And sometimes this makes me come off mean and heartless. I don’t want to be that way, but rules are really important, people! On Tuesday […]

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An Editor’s Life, or, Six Things I Did at Work Yesterday

Yesterday at work I felt very productive and realized that I got to do a little bit of just about everything that my job entails. I thought it might interest you, gentle readers, to see what it is like to be an editor. Now, this isn’t typical of most people of my position. Most editors […]

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An Uber Exciting Post That You Should Read

As an editor at Tate, part of my job is to help authors come up with good book titles.  Most of the books come with titles and can remain as is, but a few come to us nameless or, worse, misnamed.  Then we enlist the aid of fellow editors to help us brainstorm appropriate titles […]

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For the Love of Reading!

When we were growing up people would always ask us, “What is it like to be a twin?” (I start out with a “we” to show you that when I was little this was my default personal pronoun.  But not in an Ayn Rand kind of way.) My response to that is, “I don’t know, […]

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In a land of make-believe that don’t believe in me

Happy National Grammar Day! I still don’t have a book review for you this week.  I’m two hundred or so pages away from the end of Fall of Giants.  So hopefully by Monday I’ll be done and have some insightful words about Ken Follet’s latest novel.  Also, due to this new postion at work, I’ve […]

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Who am I, and what’s so great about editing, anyway?

So my name is Jessie Sanders, and I am an editor.  Hopefully you have figured that out by now.  But what you may still be wondering is how I came to be an editor and what exactly it is that I do.  You weren’t?  Oh, well, you’re going to find out anyway! My Editing Journey […]

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