Ghost Targets: Expectation (A Book Review)

Expectation is the first sequel to Aaron Pogue’s futuristic thriller Gods Tomorrow.  I raved about that book when it first came out in October 2010.  Let me say even more good things about this second book of Mr. Pogue, which is being released on Amazon tomorrow, February 15, 2011.

This book takes place a few weeks after the end of Gods Tomorrow (which you should read, by the way). Katie is returning to the Ghost Targets division of the FBI, where she finds that she is under investigation for her shifty dealings with Martin Door in the previous book.  Her new boss, Reed, takes it upon himself to ship the two of them away to Colorado for a new case so that they will not be harried by investigators.  The case involves a comatose scientist, a belligerent army lieutenant, and the secret of how to cure aging.

I enjoyed this book even more than Gods Tomorrow.  I think the reason is because I love Reed and how well he and Katie work together.  Reed was just a background character in the first book, but now he is Katie’s superior as well as one of her few trusted friends.  Again, as with Gods Tomorrow, the characters are well crafted and empathetic.  You care about them and their journey for the truth.    Katie’s strong will and sympathetic nature always save the day, and you are rooting for her with every step she takes.  I personally was just hoping that Reed would trust her and not do anything stupid.  And he didn’t, thereby reinforcing my instincts in liking him.

Another reason I liked this book was its lack of techno-jargon, which was one of the few bad things I had to say about Gods Tomorrow.  There is still is some techno talking in Expectation, there of course is always going to be in a futuristic novel like this, but I found it a lot easier to digest because it was more interesting and not all bunched up together in one place where I would get bored easily.

I also really enjoyed the plot.  I don’t want to say anything about it for fear of giving something away, but it’s a great addition to the whodunit murder mystery genre.  The only difference is that the victim here isn’t dead, merely in a coma with no future of waking up.  The secrets that this unconscious man is hiding and the people who are wiling to protect him really drive the plot along.  You are begging to know more right up until you find yourself staring at the last page wondering why it all had to end.  But have no fear, this is not the end of Katie’s adventures.  A teaser for book three, Ghost Targets: Restraint, is included in this edition.  I can’t wait to read more!

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  1. Jessie, I SO agree with you about Reed. I can’t wait to see how that working relationship deepens (and spills over into outside of work?!) as the series goes on. 🙂

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