>Long Awaited Book Review!

>Pogue, Aaron. Gods Tomorrow. OKC, OK: Consortium Books, 2010.

“He used to say, ‘Peddlers today, Gods tomorrow.’ It was like a mantra for him….We have some amazing technology, but we haven’t made any gods yet” (144).

It’s a world not very hard to imagine for us who live in the twenty-first century: a world where the cyber world knows everything about you, knows what you’re going to order for dinner, and has every minute of your day recording onto the big database in the sky. Privacy is dead, and that means that every criminal will be brought down and delivered justice.
Or does it? Some people, called ghosts, have managed to slip through the system. Now someone is dead, and there’s worse things at stake than just an unpunished murderer. Katie Pratt, new to Ghost Targets division of the FBI, is on the case. She will not rest until she finds the ghost behind this senseless murder and threat to modern society.

I am all about the character development, and Gods Tomorrow does not disappoint. As intriguing as the story and the world were, it was Katie Pratt and the other characters she meets along the way that really made me want to finish the book. The thing about these characters was that they weren’t just cookie-cutter stereotypes slightly changed to fit into the roles that Mr. Pogue made for them. They were real, and their emotions were real. They all had a little bit of good and a little bit of bad. Sometimes I wasn’t sure who was supposed to be the antagonist, and sometimes I wanted the antagonist to win. Through it all, Katie’s character is strong and I rooted for her every step of the way. I can’t wait until the next book comes out and I can see her continue her journey through Ghost Targets.

I give it a four star rating because I found the beginning and the techno-jargon a little slowing. It was necessary for the plot and to understand the world, but the how of the whole thing didn’t interest me nearly as much as the characters and the story.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gods Tomorrow is now for sale on Amazon and in every format of e-book reader. Grab your copy today!

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