In case you’ve forgotten, I have actually published a few things. Here’s the short list:

  • Grover Cleveland Academy series
    • 1: Into the Flames
    • 2: Diving In
  • Tales from Pocatello: short stories
    • 1: The Soldier and Kerri
    • 2: A Telling
    • 3: Starcrossed


(P1) The Soldier and Kerri(P2) A Telling(P3) Starcrossed

And now it’s time for the much longer list. The list of things I want to finish. All of these I’ve been sporadically writing on over the past few years. It’s a lot, and as you can see I like to waste time writing lists instead of actually writing, but I have hopes that someday they will all be published. And so you can dream with me, behold:

  • Grover Cleveland Academy series
    • 3: To See Clearly
    • 4: Flying Free
    • 5: Title Pending
  • Tales from Pocatello: short stories
    • 4: Fire and Lightning
    • 5: Title Pending
    • 6: Ground Zero
    • 7: Ausrine
  • City of Orphans (stand alone novel from Pocatello)
  • Paranormal Series
    • Lost Causes
    • The Key of St. Hubert


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