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Diving In Cover - Final - Front OnlyMy second novel is out in the world, and I want to thank everyone who has already taken the time to buy it and read it. Last year when my first novel was published, I hadn’t even formed the plot for Diving In–didn’t even think I would write a direct sequel. But now here it is, and in some ways it’s even better than Into the Flames.

It’s so weird to think that somewhere out there (maybe–hopefully–right this very second!) someone else is reading the words that I wrote. That the scenes that once kept me up at night might now being keeping someone else awake.

I created Rahab, Scout, Hawkins, and Bracken for my own entertainment a long time ago. I wanted to fly. I wanted to be able to have psychic communications with my twin. I didn’t want to have to worry about drowning. I wanted to know what the future held. These characters were essentially facets of my desire to be more than myself. But as time went on, they grew in my mind and spread their wings upon the page, and I felt the need to share them with other people. So I did. I hope you don’t mind.

I’m already working hard on writing the third novel of the Grover Cleveland Series. I think I have a title for it and I definitely have a plot outline. But I don’t want to talk about it too much yet because I want you to read Diving In first! So if you haven’t bought it yet, please do. It’s only 2.99 for your Kindle. And even if Young Adult Urban Fantasy isn’t your thing, at least tell somebody you know about it. Maybe they’d like it even if you don’t.

And if you have read Diving In and halfway liked it, please write a review about it on Amazon. That’s the best favor you could possibly do for me, and I would really appreciate it. Even if your review just says, “I liked it!” It doesn’t have to be a ten-page thesis paper defending my metaphors or anything.

Until next time, gentle readers! I’m going to get back to writing chapter four of GCA3.

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