While Visions of Vampires and Spaceships Danced in Her Head…

Snoopy and typewriterIt’s been a while since I posted here, and quite a bit has happened since I did. So now is the time to catch you up.

1. I finished my latest draft of my novel! Grover Cleveland Academy, Book 2, is now in the hands of my editor. I am eagerly awaiting her feedback and hoping I will have time to edit it when I get it back from her.

I’ve only been done with it for four days, and I already miss Rahab, Bracken, and Co. I scheduled myself to work on my spaceship novella and then my vampire novel before working on Grover Cleveland Academy Book 3. It would be sad except that I’m also excited to work on my vampire novel. And I’m also excited to be done with my spaceship novella so I can share it with all of you.

2. So the Consortium was sadly not able to live up to its dream of paying me to be a writer and editor. I still work for the Consortium, but on a more…free…basis. Most recently I edited Aaron Pogue’s new novella, A Darkness in the East. I’m also still posting on Unstressed Syllables on Fridays, so don’t forget to check that out. And we have great columns every day of the week!

3. Due to news number 2, I am now a freelance editor! I’m actually kind of excited about this, because I’m getting to edit more now than when I worked for the Consortium. And despite not being paid fulltime to write anymore, I’m commited to keeping up with my writing. See news number 1 where I talked about my vampire novel and spaceship novella. (Both of them have real titles, btw, but Vampires and Spaceships are what I expect you to relate to at this point. Who doesn’t love spaceships and vampires?)

I’ve lots of editing work for April, which I honestly did not expect, but I am so glad to be running in the first month of self-employment. My schedule for May is wide open, though, y’all, so if you know of anybody who needs some quality editing, send them my way! I welcome any and all manuscripts for editing. Please check out my Editing Services page in the right-hand navigation bar for details.

And in the words of Porky the Pig:

Dee-ba-dee-ba-dee-ba–That’s all folks!


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