Flamin’ Friday: The Final Stages

Jessie Sanders, author 🙂

Good morning, gentle readers! The release date for Into the Flames is less than two months away, and we’re falling into the final stages of production.

Tomorrow we are doing a photo shoot for the cover.

Sometime this weekend (I know, I wish I could pin myself down on a more definite time) I will be rewriting the problem scenes that some of my beta readers had issues with.

Through the next few weeks I will be addresses the minor issues that my editors are noticing as they slowly work their way through the manuscript.

And after that, I think, my part will be done. I will hand off the manuscript to my publisher, Aaron Pogue, the back cover copy will be written, and the cover will be dressed for success!

Then it’s publication day! Book signing party! And become a famous author/millionare!!!

Haha. I don’t really expect that last thing to happen. But it’s always nice to have dreams, right?

I’m a planner, always looking toward the future and wanting to know exactly what is in front of me. So don’t be surprised when I say that I am already working on (in my head, at least, if not on paper) the next book that I’ll be writing. It’s an exciting time to be an author.

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