Flamin’ Friday: A bit of this and a pinch of that

Today is Friday, so it stands to reason that we would be having a little Flamin’ Friday over here at Stormy Night Publishing. So, you ask, what have I been doing since I wrote “The End” on my soon-to-be-published novel?

Well, mostly I’ve been basking in the joy of an almost-completed project and pestering everybody else to get crackin’ on editing and cover design. I had planned to finish this draft back in October, so the fact that I’m already running three months behind has got me slightly worried regarding everyone else’s duties. Only slightly, though, because Aaron and the rest of Consortium Books has been through this process multiple times now, and so far the books always get out there. Eventually.

I’ve also been daydreaming about what my book will look like on Amazon and planning a re-write of Bracken’s story, The Boy Who Wasn’t Superman. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Bracken is my favorite character, so I’m rather looking forward to getting a chance to delve back into his history. He is such a complex character that I want everyone to be able to see what makes him what he is. It’s so exciting! But that’s something I probably shouldn’t be focusing on just yet. Probably I should be focusing on the editing process of Into the Flames.

Meanwhile, I’m doing some more editing for the Consortium and hashing out my newest short story for A Consortium of Worlds, Volume 1, Spring edition. The Winter edition is about to be released into your Kindles here in the next couple of weeks, so be on the lookout for that. I, sadly, didn’t have time to contribute this quarter, but as you can see, I’m determined to make it into the next issue. So far I know that my short story is set in the mythical land of Pocatello in the year M. 1564. The rest of the details are pending.

In addition to some half-hearted typing, I’ve started to work on my reading pile for 2012. This year I’ve challenged myself to read 20 books. A far cry from the 52 I pledged last year, but considering that in reality I only read thirty-seven, twenty seems like a realistic goal for this year. My goodreads “To-Read” shelf boasts over fifty titles. Perhaps I can make a dent in it? So far I’ve finished Homer Hickham’s novel, The Dinosaur Hunter, and I’m slowly but surely making my way through Mark Lawrence’s debut fantasy, The Prince of Thorns. As well as keeping “in the know” on my own YA fantasy genre and the world of Kindle self-publishing in general, I’m going to attempt to read one if not more non-fiction books on reading and editing. It’s always good to hone your craft.

As you can see, I don’t have much for you to think about today, but I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing the tidbits of my life. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some editing to do–my job is never done!

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3 Responses to Flamin’ Friday: A bit of this and a pinch of that

  1. Laura says:

    It’s been forever since I stopped by, though I always intend to! Your 20-books goal is great. You can totally do it. I’ll be excited to hear what you’re reading. Yay! I’m also excited to see Into the Flames as a final product! I know very little about ebooks; can I get it on my iPad? I know, why would I have an iPad and not know ebook stuff about it?

    • jessie says:

      Laura, my book will also be available in paperback, although the Consortium sells most of its books for the Kindle. As far as I know our e-books are compatible with Kindles, Nooks, and iPads.

      • Laura says:

        Oh! I didn’t realize there would be a paperback copy. I shall lovingly cram that into my bookcase that has approximately 3 square inches of space left.

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