Travels of a Book Worm

I wanted to go to Egypt

To sail the Nile, feel the heat on the sand

I wanted to climb and rappel a steep mountain

Sink to the depths of the ocean to see the octopi

I wanted to walk the length of the Great Wall of China

Explore an American battleship and then a Scottish castle

Surf in Hawaii, feed the pigeons of London Square

I wanted to see the Ionic and Doric columns of Greece

The mosaics of Pompeii, the remains of the Coliseum

See where Paul preached

Stroll down the Champs-Elysees

I wanted to bundle up and see the penguins and polar bears

Travel from one pole to the other

I wanted to travel out of this world

Into another ‘verse, another time, another dimension

Anywhere that wasn’t here.

Then my family took us on a vacation

There were airplanes, and a layover

There were palm trees, and a beach with lots of tourists

The hotel room was small, the beds were all wrong

The food tasted funny, the rental car was foreign

I went a lot of places, saw a lot of new and exciting things,

And then I realized

That I would rather go home

And read about it.

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