>San Antonio

Highlights from our trip to San Antonio:
Five people simultaneously chanting “Bless You” when I sneezed at Sea World.
Flying off the tube at the bottom of the water slide and hitting my elbow and the lifeguard not believing me when I said I was okay.
Sitting on the far side of the stage at Azul so we could see one of the trainers chatting with a beluga whale behind the stage for twenty minutes before the show.
The fajitas at Hard Rock Cafe, even though we had to wait twenty minutes for more meat because our waiter didn’t actually give us a double order because I guess he thought we weren’t that hungry.
The little kid with the stuffed orca that we met at a stop light in Burnet (see Sean for full story).
Getting to visit with James and Tonya on the way home Sunday.

I’m sure there’s more but I’ve slept since then so I can’t remember.

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