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>What is the Consortium? According to the site, it’s “a nonprofit organization based out of Oklahoma City, OK, which supports the arts, encourages the development of local artists, and generates high-quality works of art that directly benefit the local community.”
So what does that really mean?
It means that they are an organization of writers, painters, photographers, musicians, and other artists who work hard so that they and other artists can be free to pursue what they really love–their art! It’s just starting up, but the goal is to let artists make their art their full-time job-instead of having to find those pesky, real world jobs to pay their food and board.
As a long-time aspiring author myself, this sounds like a really great idea. (Even though, at the moment, I really enjoy my real world job.)
The Consortium was thought of by my friend Aaron Pogue. Thanks to him and many of his artist friends, it is slowly being realized. Now that I have a good job that doesn’t make me want to kill people at the end of the day (ie I don’t work at Sonic), I felt that it was my turn to volunteer my time toward this cause. Sean has already been involved with the Consortium for a while, implementing his programming skills.
Aaron actually used to be Sean’s technical writing teacher at OC. But, as we all know, Sean has a way of finding friends in the most interesting of places. Before the semester was out, Sean and Aaron were meeting for lunches and nerd-ing it up big time. Since then, Sean and I have also had the pleasure of meeting Aaron’s wife and two kids.
So anyway, here I am, promoting Aaron and the Consortium. Click on the links above to find out more about who he is and what he’s been working on. and don’t forget to support the Arts!

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