>A day in the life of…..a copyeditor :)

>Alarm goes off at 6:30. I think it’s part of my dream, but then finally startle myself awake by yelling, “Sean, it’s time to get up!”
He agrees, then rolls over and hits the snooze.
Two snoozes later, Sean gets up and gets ready for his new job. I remind him his lunch is in the fridge; he goes to work.
I let Bella in from her morning romp in the yard and play on facebook. Then I get up, get dressed, and stare at the fridge for something to eat. I sit around the house looking for something to do until Mara picks me up at a quarter to eight.
Today, Thomas picks me up. Sun is shining, temperature is already in the eighties.
Get to work a little early, grab my water bottle from my cubby and fill it from the water cooler in the cafe. Mmmmm, coffee smells good. Sit across from Brittany, plug in my computer, get to work. The two Laurens come in a bit later; one is my boss and is in the adjoining office a few feet away, the other Lauren sits next to me and also gets to work.
At ten, every single employee from Tate trickles into our office (because it is the biggest) and we have to shove our table back to make room for them. It’s time for the monthly meeting. yay. Meeting stuff happens, Ryan inspires us, and we have awards and announcements and all that jazz. Then we get to move our table back and try to kill time for an hour before lunch.
Lauren asks Brittany (because Brittany’s been here the longest) about a grammar question and we talk about our manuscripts and discover mistakes we’ve been making (surprise, we going to have to go back and fix our work! Even grammar nazis aren’t perfect).
Lunch rolls around, we all scatter.
Eat, play on our computers, talk, do some work, paychecks are handed out, we talk while we work.
Boss Lauren, per my request a couple days ago, has gone over my previous manuscripts. Oops, I made some mistakes. But it’s okay, it’s only my first week so it’s good we’ve caught these early on! I go back and fix them and then do PPCs for Kalyn. I used to do PPCs as an intern, but I still have the email and have been keeping up with it, and probably will until a new intern turns up. I know Kalyn is too busy for it and plus I already have a good system worked out for it.
“Bye, have a good weekend,” resounds around the office as people start to leave. There’s only about five or six people left in the office by four because Ryan said we could go home an hour early today and most editors have flex hours and get off at four anyway. I’m staying because Sean can’t get me until five, and Brittany and Lauren are trying to get in a couple extra hours. So we sit around and work a little bit until five and Sean is here to pick me up.
Sean shows me his new security cards and we go home.
Peek in the freezer and find some pork steaks.
Dinner is cooked, eaten, and leftovers put away by 6:30. Reading, playing on the computer, and catching up with each other’s days. If this were a weekday, I would be making Sean’s lunch and maybe ironing a pair of slacks for him. Instead, we’re waiting for Caleb to arrive from Tulsa.
And that is what I did today!

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