>Goodbye and good riddance


Due to Sean getting a job at Tinker and me hopefully getting a job at Tate, I quit Sonic this week. Sean has been busy filling out paperwork for his fancy Security Clearance with Abacus Tech, a subcontractor with Tinker AFB. I have my official interview with Tate for a copyediting position tomorrow. I can’t forsee not getting the job, but then let’s not count our chickens before they’ve hatched. So after three years working at different locations, sometimes only a few hours a week, and sometimes over forty, my last day with Sonic was Today. Here are a few of the things I will NOT be missing:
*Waking at 4:30am to open the store
*Running out of food or cups or lids or straws or napkins almost daily
*Having to go to Northstar for will calls when we ran out of stuff, especially in the summer when it’s a hundred degrees outside and I had to sit in my car for an hour at a time.
*Customers complaining to me about everything, including things I can’t fix and things that aren’t even wrong.
*Employees whining about their jobs.
*Being short-handed and having to do five things at once.
*Continually sending back the headsets to their company and still only have two that work, instead of four.
*Roller skating and having customers ask me, “Are you skating? Have you fallen yet?”
*Smelling like stale tater tots every day
*Rushes where my blood sugar goes low and I can’t find time to drink a coke

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