>Jeggings and other thoughts on pant trends.

I’m sorry, but Jeggings? Really? In a society where almost two-thirds of the population are obese, who thought that these would be a good idea?
Also, just let me say a few more things on fashion while I’m here. I am so glad that long shirts are back. I know that they make my hips looks as big as they are (and let’s be thankful I finally have hips), but that is a welcome change to the continual tugging I endured to keep my gut covered a few years ago. And why are skinny jeans back? I hate to envision myself as an old person with over-the-belly-button pants with tucked in t-shirts, but that’s going to be my equivalent if skinny jeans continue in this way. I refuse to give up my ankle-flappers (flares and boot-cuts)! Not only do that flap, plus they’re a lot easier to roll up if you find yourself spontaneously wading through a muddy creek bed without a change of pants in the foreseeable future (as I did a couple of weekends ago in Copperas Cove).
Lunch break almost being over, I will now return to my delight work.

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