>I wonder if people realize just how amazing our government is. Sure, we don’t like our presidents or our judges or a lot of the people in our legislature. But at least we still have the same system of government since the inception of our country. Others can be voted in and things can change. I’ve been reading Les Miserables lately, and in a single person’s lifetime, the government in France changed four different times. Monarchy, an age of terror while the people tried to rule, then Napoleon took over, then another King, then another uprising of the Republic. That is the norm, and we are the exception. Even if it feels like everything is going to hell in a hand-basket, we haven’t had a civil war in over a hundred and fifty years. I find that very encouraging.
In other thoughts, Sean and I joined the neighbourhood and set off some fireworks. Now I’m watching 1776. Nothing like a musical to make one feel patriotic.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >We set of a TON of fireworks at the Beck house last night. There were about as many people watching us and lighting stuff. I got to light! We sang the star spangled banner and then BANG!!! Had a huge opening and just let it rip for a while. When we ran out of stuff to ignite, Thomas and I headed out and we sang some patriotic song and hymns and then just some other stuff on the way home.

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