>Tate: Editing Division

>Finally! I have been taken “across the street!”

I’m not really sure why I put that in quotes, since it literally is across the street. I’m speaking, of course, about the room full of copy and conceptual editors where I will be working at Tate from now on. I know that my boss, Curtis was much too busy to find things for me to do, and I was getting tired of listening to marketers talking on the phone to book distributors and authors all day. Curtis finally brought me over to the Dark Side, where I will be answering to Lauren and Kalyn,who have more than enough work for me to do.
The editing room is full of desk shoved up against each other and girls (and a couple guys) hunched over laptops reading manuscripts. So far I have met three other girls who recently started here and were previously interns. Not sure if that means there is hope for me, or if it means that they are now fully restaffed and don’t need me. I guess we’ll see; either way, it’s a pleasure to be working here, while Sonic becomes more and more stressful each day.

Also, this office abuts the music department, so we have been assaulted (no, NOT a-salted) with deep bass boomings on and off this morning. I don’t mind it at all. This office seems much more vibrant and exciting than the main office. And it’s not so cold here, either.

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