>[insert yet to be renamed Christian gardening book title here]

>Today I learned that:
Gardening books always have boring titles, and most of the time they’re ridiculously long, too.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found that my supervisor called me to his office not to tell me what I did wrong or right (which would have been nice) but to ask me my opinion on how to “fix” an author’s manuscript. Then he sent me off with the task to think of a better title to the manuscript. In case you were worried, earlier today he did critique my work, telling me what he thought I did well and an area where I could improve. Yay! I must say that I like my boss pretty well, except that when he’s talking to me half the time I think he’s mumbling to himself. But I guess I can’t be too upset since I do the same (Sean can attest to that).

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3 Responses to >[insert yet to be renamed Christian gardening book title here]

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Is "The Christian Gardener" like a commentary on the parable of the sower? Or is it about praying in one's garden? Or adding decorative prayer rocks? A gazebo chapel? Growing vegetation among the pews? Only planting plants that preserve the temple of the Lord (your body)?
    ~ppm & mb

  2. Anonymous says:

    >"Gazebos for God"
    Alliterative and catchy.
    "Landscaping for the Lord"
    "Gardening for God"
    "Lilies of the Field"
    "Good Soil and Prayer"
    "Cultivating for Christ"
    "Hoeing for the Holy Spirit"
    "Sowing the Spirit's Seed"
    ~ppm & mb

  3. Jes. says:

    >actually, it's mostly just about gardening. It's really a guide book for beginners, just interspersed with some scripture and stuff. My favorite that I came up with was "Caring for Creation", but "Hoeing for the Holy Spirit" is pretty catchy, too. THanks, guys!

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