>First Day at Tate

>What I learned at Tate Publishing today:
Well, I spend most of my day doing conceptual editing for a book titled “Gardening Enhances my Faith.” I learned a lot about composting, planting potatoes, and how the government is trying to take over all farming in the US so that…well, I’m not sure exactly why, but apparently they’re perpetuating lies that organic farming is evil so that all farming and gardening will be under their control! [insert evil laugh here]
So here’s hoping things get a little more interesting in the coming weeks.
Oh, and they stuck me in a room with a teeny tiny little desk and a bunch of empty file boxes. All alone. One lady stopped by and said to watch out, if the boxes started talking to me I was in trouble.

In other news, I’m babysitting Penny Noel and Nadia tonight. It’s crazy what these kids come up with. Penny was pretending to have stuffed animals be her children, so I asked her why her stuffed bear didn’t look like her, since the bear was supposed to be her baby, and she said, “I’m just a Penny, but I’m the guy who takes care of the bears.” Seriously, it sounds like something Sean says in his sleep. Speaking of which, last night when I bumped Sean he rolled over and said, “You know, Guy Fawkes.” And I said, “What about Guy Fawkes?” And he said, “That Guy Fawkes is my favorite.”
Also, in the bath tub, Penny and Nadia were pretending that their water gun fish had a snotty nose like I did. Nadia filled him full of water and said, “Bless me!” when she squirted it out. Then Penny would say, “Wow! That’s a lot of snot!” and they would both scream laughter and do it again.

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