>Menu for the week

>My newest goal is to plan meals so that we actually eat well and don’t end up eating cereal all the time. I planned this week with the thoughts that I had lots of leftover meatballs from today and I also have a dozen brown eggs from John and Jayne:

Mon: Leftover Pasta with Chicken Alfredo
Tue: Egg Salad Sandwiches
Wed: Omelets with left over chicken
Fri: Beans, hush puppies, and guacamole

There’s no dinner plan for Thursday because Sean will be hanging out with friends and won’t come home until late night.

Mon: leftover spaghetti
Tue: meatball sandwiches
Wed: leftover egg Salad
Thur: Deli Meat sandwiches
Fri: Deli Meat or Omelet guts

As for life, I start my internship on Thursday, Sean is working hard, and Sonic is eating my soul.

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