>April updates

>Let’s see…where am I right now?

Only a third the way through Les Miserables.
Another pile of books to read is forming around my bed, and that’s not even counting the other books queued up on my Kindle.
Need to wash dishes.
Need to wash Sonic clothes.
Need to get away from Sonic!!!! I could spend a very long post just talking about everything that went wrong at work this week…but I shall refrain.
Just got a summer internship with Tate Publishing which will start next month.
Trying to be supportive of Sean who will be graduated by two weeks from today.
My house smells like wet dog right now.

And that’s what you’ve missed on…..the life of Jessie!

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One Response to >April updates

  1. mbmb says:

    >Are you trying to be like the Glee "previously on" guy? "And that's what you missed…" You should have said something about being in prison or a cave…

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