>Time to eat

>You know they always say that you should never go grocery shopping hungry, but I’ve found that I shouldn’t go shopping when I’m well rested and feel like I have plenty of time to cook. Today I bought salsa, ice cream, eggs, chips, yogurt, and a TON of fruit. I got kiwi, nectarines, plums, and pears. I’m just so excited about this sudden onslaught of new fruit choices. Yay spring! My mind was filled with ideas about sack lunches, snacking on carrots, and boiling eggs.
So this whole week was really boring because all I did was work, sleep, and watch television. I didn’t have anything to talk about on here and my brain was dead because I was so tired of dealing with the drama at work. But now that I got a chance to sleep in and do nothing today, I finally have something to talk about, and maybe I really will get to work on Rahab today!
Today I got up, made waffles, read Les Miserables on my patio, vaccuumed, discovered that Bella had ripped her claw off, cleaned up all the blood that this created, welcomed Cory Giles, went to the store, come home and ate a Klondike bar. Mmmmmm…..now I’m ready for some chips, salsa, and hard core typing.

It really sucks that I still am coughing and have a runny nose when it’s so nice outside. Maybe all this fruit will help.

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