>Today I learned:
How to “program” the headsets at work. We have four headsets and three channels that they run off of. This means that two of them are “buddies,” and you can hear them on each other. THe point of having buddy headsets is so that a person new to taking orders can hear a experienced person take an order, or so that a more experienced employee cann butt in and save you if you don’t know what’s going on. We never use them that way, so usually the buddy just ends up being an extra that somebody might use every once in a while if the other person’s hands are busy and they can’t take the order. Anyway two of the headsets have stopped working recently and the two left were buddies, so we could essentially only take one order at a time. I called the help desk and learned how to assign different channels to the different headsets so that the two working ones would be on different channels and buddy-ed the two broken ones. It made me feel so smart! No one else was impressed. That’s all.

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