>Happy Hour and forgetting what I learned

>Today I learned…
something, but I already forgot what it was. Somebody at work said something and I said, “What does that mean?” and then she told me and said, “You learn something new every day, and that’s what you learned for today.” But so much for that.
Today was my first day as a manager working happy hour. Fortunately it was very slow and I was able to send two people home and still have really good times. Then after work I spent the evening with my mom, whom I have not seen in a while. My mom is the best mom ever. I thought I would just put that out there on the internet in case there was any doubt. She helped me wash my dishes, some of which were moldy because I had forgotten to rinse them out.
I don’t think I’ll have time to read or write at all the rest of this week, until maybe Saturday. Tomorrow we are having guests for dinner and then Friday I think we are going to Norman for dinner with Sean’s dad because his mom is out of town. I had no idea Spring Break was going to be so busy! But that just means only six more weeks until Sean graduates from college (cue Pomp and Circumstance).
I think that now I will go to sleep. It has been a long and full day. I am just sad that I did not have time to go to house church and see my sister 🙁

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One Response to >Happy Hour and forgetting what I learned

  1. mbmb says:

    >You learned something from me the other day, too, but I have forgotten what.
    I am sad to not see you, too. I'm glad you had a good time with Mom. So did I!
    If you are already coming to Norman today, you should come see me!

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