>Six month evaluation

>Now that I have lived in my new house for approximately six months, I think it’s time to talk about its pros and cons. Before, I don’t think I knew the house well enough. Later, and I would be more willing to overlook its flaws, and the things that excite me about it now will become commonplace and taken for granted. Now is just right for evaluating my new house. Let’s start with the kitchen, shall we?

My favorite thing about the kitchen (other than the fact that it functions as a normal kitchen should) is the stainless steel sink. It doesn’t stain, and it doesn’t feel like it’s going to chip or chip any of my plates in return. It’s a lovely sink. I only wish I had another stopper for it, but that’s not the sink’s fault. In contrast, however, my least favorite thing about the kitchen is the stove. I hate electric coils. Especially after living with the gas stove at the condo, the smell of burning food on the coils is terrible. And they’re so hard to clean! The burned food on the bottom things is impossible to remove. Also, I love my new pantry. Just the right size, a little too far away from the rest of the kitchen (across the dining area). But I forgive it. There’s really no place to put the garbage can, not even enough space under the sink, so I put it in the cabinet under the coffee pot (maybe that’s why there was no shelf there when I moved in??). It’s the weirdest place to put a trash can that I’ve heard of yet, but it works, I guess.

The living room is a typical living room. It has nothing spectacular to offer me, but neither does it disappoint. I don’t like the design on the front door and the windows take two people to open due to their rustiness, but both of these things are overlook-able.

The two back bedrooms are just as back bedrooms should be: goodly size, windows overlooking the back yard, and moderate closet space. I do like that they have plenty of electrical outlets so you can sit pretty much anywhere and still plug in your laptop. Or you humongous desktop, if you’re Sean.

I could talk all day about the main bathroom. Let’s start with its assets. The shower! It’s not grout so there’s no place for mold. It comes with two shelves, one on each end, at the perfect height for placing shampoo, and long enough to put like four bottle up there if your hair is really needy. The water pressure and temperature is divine compared to jet stream of cold water we got at the condo. Actually, compared to any other shower, it’s still pretty awesome. And you can adjust the shower head without it falling off. It came with sliding doors, which aren’t a bad thing, but I took them down because I like my shower curtain. They were really easy to remove, and if ever I change my mind, it takes like ten seconds to put back on again. Sadly, the good things end there. The sink area is too small, the cabinet is too small, there are no drawers, and there’s only one towel rack (well, I guess that’s not the house’s fault, we’ve been meaning to put up another towel rack and just haven’t gotten around to it yet.). The only cabinet is the wall cabinet, ad the shelves are too short to hold shampoo, so I have to put them in the other bathroom.

The Master bedroom and bathroom are much like the living room: they meet expectations. The closet is smaller than the condo’s, but still big enough to hold all of our clothes. The sink is bigger and the cabinet is bigger in this bathroom. I just don’t understand why they thought a bathroom without a bathtub needed a towel rack, and not a hand towel rack. This bumfuddles me. But whatever.

As for the yard, we have a lot of trees, which is nice, except that it means less grass because less sunlight. We also have this…this…THING in our backyard. It’s called a storm cellar. I think it’s for people who are afraid of tornadoes. Actually, I don’t really notice it anymore, but I know in the summer when I want to play outside it will be annoying and in the way. Also, I hate not having a back fence, but that can be fixed. It just got too cold before we could put it up. Oh, and we have a tree growing into the foundation. Sean and his dad cut it off and put rock salt in the stump, but it still seems to be thriving. We’re going to have to pay more attention to it this spring.

All in all, a goodly house. Huzzah!

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